Organisational Design

The Challenge

At Wilton & Bain we design and build strategies to help our clients solve some of their most complex and interesting business challenges. New operating models and organisational design are at the core of what we do, and we have a solid and proprietary methodology to help our clients to accelerate growth through change and transformation.

The Process

Discovery Phase

The strategy and objectives of the organisation.

Value Chain

Document processes, document

Proposed Organisational Structures

Understand the current and desired organisational structure, taking into consideration the organisational culture.

Select Appropriate

Measure change readiness, assess management capability when selecting the proposed structure.


Proposed Organisational Structures

Develop the processes required for the new structure to work effectively. Agree the processes, authority levels and job descriptions.

What We Offer

The time required to complete an organisational design project varies depending on the size and type of the business. It can vary from a few weeks to months. We work in partnership with our clients to achieve sustainable results and help them to embed our proven methodology.

Case Study

This company, ranked as leader and visionary in the 2017 iPaaS Gartner quadrant, is accelerating the adoption of cloud Apps of the largest Fortune 500 Companies. In January 2017 Wilton & Bain was engaged to design and implement their digital transformation organisation.

World iPaaS Leader – Pre-IPO High Tech Company (Silicon Valley – CA)

Why Us?

The assignment will span over six months and include operating model design, support for go-to market activities, definition of roles and responsibilities for existing and new hires, and training and development.

Our extensive experience in helping organisations to assess any capability gaps so that structures, roles, objectives and KPIs are aligned with organisational objectives will be key to the success of the assignment, as will our ability to rapidly deploy a solid methodology customised to the client’s needs.

The Benefits


Unlike most digital transformation projects which use three to five consultants and can take up to six months, Wilton & Bain can deliver with one to two very senior consultants and achieve tangible results in less than two months.


Limit turnover of key employees by actively communicating program milestones and benefits at an individual and company level.


Embed a proven methodology for future organisational, operating model, and change management design efforts.
Diletta D’Onofrio

Partner in our San Francisco office. Diletta has an Executive MBA from London Business School as well as more than ten years’ HR consulting experience, primarily in the technology sector, working as Director in London and San Francisco for both PwC and EY. She has also led transformation engagements at LinkedIn, VMware and Applied Materials.


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