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Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds joins Wilton & Bain


Paul Reynolds has been appointed as a Managing Partner of Wilton & Bain Group’s Financial Services Practice. Read More

David Burton

David Burton joins Wilton & Bain


David Burton has been appointed as a Partner to global leadership advisory boutique… Read More


Optimising for an omni-channel world

13/11/2015 UK online sales exceeded £100 billion in 2014. Ecommerce penetration is 15 per cent: the highest in the world… Read More

Chris Wood

5 questions with Chris Wood

30/10/2015 In the sectors and functions I’ve worked in interim roles were not common before the credit crunch but my experience… Read More

Disruption Through Connected Things

Disruption Through Connected Things


The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be everywhere and growing fast… Read More

customers to heart

Taking the customer to heart


Customer Experience (CX) is now seen as a prime source of competitive differentiation… Read More

Digital advisory board

The Digital Advisory Board


Change, they say, is the only constant. Every sector of business today faces seemingly unprecedented… Read More

challenge of change

Challenge of Change


Businesses face a serious digital skills gap. This gap is exacerbated for enterprises that are either outside… Read More

Organising for success

Organising for Success


Often, organisations recognise a need for change without knowing where to start… Read More