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Professional Services

The professional services sector, specifically management consulting and advisory services, play an ever more important part in complementing the capabilities of industry organisation across both private and public sector. This segment heralds back to the origins of Wilton & Bain and, whilst the business has extended its coverage vastly over of the years, it remains a core capability of the firm and one where we can demonstrate to be clear market leaders.

Information Technology & Communication

The demands of the global enterprise market present technology vendors with exceptional opportunity, yet fierce competition. The world’s leading Information Technology and Communications companies pursue market share and revenue growth by embedding themselves into their existing client base and outperforming others. Through innovation and acquisition, the ongoing development of their product and service offerings is constant, yet wholly reliant on individual and collective talent. The single most important corporate resource is talent; technologically literate, operationally agile business people with a truly global perspective. Given the transparency of organisational strategies, people are the prime source of competitive advantage. Consequently, the companies that are most likely to succeed are those that invest wisely in attracting, developing and retaining talent. Working with market leaders, both early-stage and established players, Wilton & Bain’s I.T and Communications practice meets the relentless demand for excellence. Through rapid, research-intensive search practices we are able to place exceptional candidates across the following sub-divisions:


Representing communications clients across a wide range of industry segments including next generation convergent, web, wireless and traditional telecoms service providers. Our applications focus includes network services, software, voice, data and content.


From pre-IPO visionaries to global market leaders, enterprise and consumer software, fixed-term and utility based Software as a Service business models, from the infrastructure layer through to applications and out into the cloud.

Systems & Services

Delivering Business Leaders, Executive Management, Sales, Marketing & Product talent into systems integrators, IT service providers and outsourcing suppliers. Covering all aspects of enterprise infrastructure from consultancy-led business solutions through to hardware (components and devices) and “green” technologies.


As worldwide consumption of media continues to spiral, so too do the routes to market. The convergence of technology, telecommunication and content is changing business models. Companies must adapt, reorganise and invest. Our media practice works across content owners, publishers, broadcasters and media agencies in the UK and internationally.

We source top talent in all functional disciplines as well as specific media roles. We work with current providers, but we also extend our searches to attract outstanding professionals from multiple industries into the media sector.