Impostor Syndrome – Erin Callaghan


On the 22nd June, Wilton & Bain’s Women in Business Network hosted a workshop on the concept of imposter syndrome – the inability of high-achieving individuals to recognise and internalise their success – and how to overcome it. We welcomed Yvette Jeal, a business coach with over 20 years’ experience who specialises in executive 1-to-1 coaching to strengthen areas such as presence, impact, leadership, decision-making, and creative and strategic thinking in C-suite execs.


It was an interactive session where experiences could be shared and we discussed how to identify imposter syndrome and to banish these behaviours once and for all at an individual and team level. Throughout the workshop we learned that almost all people will experience the feelings of being a ‘fraud’ or that their success is down to luck rather than ability at some point in their professional lives, and also that many highly successful and accomplished people in the public eye have proclaimed to have these feelings as well. Famous females including Meryl Streep, Tina Fey, Kate Winslet, Maya Angelou and Sheryl Sandberg have all spoken about feeling on occasion as if they don’t deserve to be where they are today. However, there are many tried and tested methods to combat imposter syndrome which can make a huge difference to peoples’ self-confidence and how they communicate to other people about their workplace successes and capabilities.


We all left the workshop feeling engaged, enthusiastic, and purposeful about owning our success and internalising it!


Take a look at Yvette’s articles for more information

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